There  is really not much happening here

You are of course more than welcome to just hang around, chill out and wait for something to occur, but it might be a long wait.

Honestly I won’t get around to doing anything at the moment

Alternatively, you could go to You Tube and watch video’s of kittens doing funny things. You could go to [insert name here] your favourite music streaming site, making sure you go and buy some actual music directly from the artists you like rather than the streaming service, give the money straight to the act.

How about getting out to some real live music, search your area and support live music, there are a lot of places struggling and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

So rather than me sitting here in front of a computer trying to update this web site, that nobody wants to look at anyway, I’ve decided to get outside and enjoy myself, maybe going for a walk, taking some more photographs or finding somewhere to eat . . . Cheers for now

For some amazing Photography

Search on google for Kingsmead House Concerts

For some great music in someone's kitchen

For some great live music in the Oxford area

Here are a few sites you could look at